Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It ain't the macheens a-givin' may prollems, hits 'em dang extperts!!

Wahl hare Ah ayam agin a-arguin' with theyem extperts. Mah ol' computer ain't a warkin' raight an Ah cain't figger ouht whut'l fix it. Ah done an' follerd all 'em sueggestchuns an' ain't nuthin' fixed it chet. A'm a-thankin' thet may be thuh prollems we-ith thay end. Wheyen Ah cain't aven saen own ta thuh blogger, cuz hit jest bounces may bayck ta thuh saen own page withayout inny err maysseges. Sum tahms Ah jest wont puull ayout mah naine an' pop uh new hole innit. Ah'd ruther mayte wun o' theyem fullers iyin parson, sost Ah culd shar a-pace o' mah maind with 'im. User frandlay, may haind laig!

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