Monday, April 03, 2006

Waert Stuff I Laikes

I kaeps mah I out fer thuh waert stuff people's a-doin' an ah fount a fuew of 'em raitch 'eere.

This un's a monowheel with a v8 motor a-lookin' ta brake thuh warld's spaed rackerd. He ain't busted a-hunnertchet.

I's chattin' somewher 'bout a unicycle dream't up by a sci-fi wraiter back in thuh '60's. He up an' saends me 'is haere an' says, "Strap yourself to this!" Its maide by thuh same's maide thet 'ere segway. It says they'll go 'bout 65-70 mph.

This'n haere's pro'lly thuh most innervatin' of 'em awl. Ya sticks yer faet raight insaide of 'em 'ere whaels.

I'd laike ya'll ta sent me a buncha this here kine a-stuff. I fills laike ya'll knows 'bout awl kine a-thangs I ain't naver saene ner here't tayell of. Hit don' haff ta' bae no pitchers, jes' a link what I kin click own wit mah ol' saife computer. Hit don' haff ta bae transport naether. I laikes awl kine a-thangs geeky. Nanno bawts, black howle generators, oh awl kines. I's thankin', wooden et bae fun ta jes' go roun' trile ridin' deffern't waert thangs laike aze an' writin' awl 'bout hayow they werks, an' hayow aesy et is ta gits et ta wark, an' hayow lowng et taekes ta git use't ta 'em. Ide shore have me a-blast dune somp'n laike 'at.

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