Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Fishy Story

I don' know. I steel don' b'lieve et. I ain't never hered tayell o' somp'n laike 'et. Whut is it innyhayow? An' yeou say 'et 'ere thang wus in Brokenbow Lake in Oklahoma? Thet 'ere ain't no salty wahter feesh? I-I-I'm havin' ta hart taime with is'n fellers. 327 lbs.!!?!! 8 fut an' 10 eenches?? You shore ya'll didn' maike 'is up? It luks maide up ta mae. Wall, hayow'd ya'll haul it in? A-bow huntin' it. Wudn't y'all afrait o' gittin' bit? It didn' faight cher, after'n it wus loaded up own thet 'ere boat? Whus a feish laike et taste laike? Mud? Wayell, et luks meaner a rattle snaike inta arly sprang.

Howt chu come bye et? Wus et in one 'em trucks what stops dayown ta' thuh truck stop? Wull, whutever et is, et's a whopper. Uh alligator gar? Frayesh wahter! Wull 'en hayow's come I ain't naver hard teyall of it? One thang's fore shore, thet 'ere's a feeshy story. Wull, alraight, we'll talk atcha' nayext taime.

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