Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mah Ideal Mobile Computer

Nayow lookie here. The-is here old thang is a-beatin' thiyem fer forum an' shaype up an' dayown thuh strate. Hits cawled thuh Jornada 720 putt ayout by HP 'bout a-hunert year ago by hand held standerts. An' shore, its missin' a lotta thangs by today's standerts but whut hit does hayave is a near ta' full sized keyboard an' a reel waide screen sost ya' can view a whole line frum thuh furthest layeft ta thuh furthest raight. Whut thes'n' cain't do is fold open ta' bae laike a handheld tablet, an' its processor max's ayout et 200 MegaHerts an' thet theyre batrie ain' no better then thuh warst o' thi-em otherns. Whalst e-it does hayave IR-da hit ain't got no blue tooth ner 802.11 ner 3rd generation WAN connectivity. Closed up hit'll steel fe-it in mah breast pawcket, which e-is jest parfec. Nayow e-it would feel a bit bulky an' unsexy placed up agin' yer head laike as a cell phone but with one o' thiyem airpaces whut t'ey got nayow, wye ya wouldn' naver hafta'.

Thuh one own thuh layeft up 'ere, is prolly a-doin' thuh bayest of 'em all so far. Hits gawt a one gigahertz processor fer thiyem big jawbs, but raiht in theyre with it is a whole nuther processor 'at runs et 400 megahertz so's it'll layast a whole bunch longer own thet there leetle bitty battery an' its got constant access ta' thuh internet. Thet there makes it a kindofa cell phone and handheld pc with a whole bunch o' oomph whin ya' needs it, all rolled up inta' one unit. But theyre agin, whar's thuh stankin' keyboard, an' wye would Iye won't to scroll layeft an' raight fer ever laine Ah wont ta' raede? Mah wark hayas me a-tap, tap, tappin' own a reglar ol' iPAQ 4100 series, but thay also hayave me a-carryin' a cell phone, an' Ah gawt a cell phone o' mah own. Ah'm thuh typical batman belt geek with awl o' thiyem devices a-hangin' off of mah bayelt all a' taime. If'n Ah could git a-holt a one o' thiyem ceo's er a desianer taem whut draems 'is stuff up, wye Ah thank Ah could saet 'em own thuh strate 'n nara.

Ah wonts an' needs a mobile device whut u'll wark laike at 'ere iPAQ whut with havin';
1: thet 'ere instant own faeture an'
2: a hot swappable bat'rie
3: an' a touch screen,
4: runnin' at'ere pawcket winders OS, thiyen laike own 'at 'ere cPC add e-in thet winders tablet OS saimultanus,
5: a-splittin' thuh load with anuther processor whut runs et mor'n a gigahertz fer 'em big jawbs,
6: with cell phone abilities an'
7: blue tooth fer thet 'ere ayre paece
8: 802.11 hotspot connector
9: a bunch o' thiyem usb 2.0 connectors,
10: a up'n dayown scroll whael,
11: a vga connector fer a-watchin' video own one o' thiyem 3d goggles haed mounted displays,
12: et laest a 20 gigabyte hord draive ta' holt a movie er two,
13: A cam'ra an' a bilt e-in mic an spaker
14: an' they gots ta' maike et waither proofed, dert proofed, an' hardy sost Ah kin use e-it e-in mah wark,
15: a sdio an' taype two slots,
16: nayow raight here's thuh main thang, they gots ta' make it 3.5" tall an' 8 or 9" waide display with a perty near ta' full saized keyboard thet'll fold er slaide plum up outern' thuh way sost whin Ah'm a-usin' it in a tablet mode it ain't a problum an too, sost it'll fe-it raigtch 'ere e-in mah pawcket.

Nayow, jest a 'couple more thangs about e-it they ain't nobody a-doin'. All 'em handhelds an' cell phones is a-operatin' e-in profile modes win all 'em web pages an' thiyem documents views baetter e-in landscape modes. Maike it switchable shore, but default thuh settin's et landscape modes. An' how's come they ain't no services e-in thuh whole U S of A thet ain't got 2 line own one device service? Over theyre e-in Angland an' Japan they got them services. Wye you kin putt a bidness laine an' a pers'nal laine own one device with two complete differ'nt bills. We here e-in thuh states can built 'em with thuh baest of 'em but thiyem services ain't a-keepin' up with thuh raest o' thuh warld.

Ah wont ta bae a mobile blogger with the-is here device. Ah'd nade thuh cam'ra an' mic fer doin' theyem innerviews an' sech. Ah'd nade thuh always own faeture fer thuh research. Ah'd nade thuh cell phone with thuh double billin' option fer stayin' e-in touch with mah fam'ly own thuh one saide an' fer doin' tax deduct'ble calls own th' uther. Ah'd nade thuh vga connector with thuh haed mounted display fer thiyem motel stays an' ayre travel plust e-ite'd gimme a big screen ta view whalst a bloggin' frum a motel. Ah'd nade all 'em usb ports fer thuh peripherals laike printers an' sync caibles fer thuh desktop. Ah thank all 'em trav'lin' bus'ness people nade's perty much all 'a saime stuff. Watch'a thank, ayam Ah raight?

Next taime, Ah'm a-gonna talk about some o' thuh tearable daingers e-in thiyem thar chatrooms.

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