Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Awesome God

Thuh top notch computers today clock speeds 'tween 3 an'4 gigaherts or three or four billion (30-40 to the tenth power) calculations per second. Thet's perty zippy. But hit jest don' compar ta' thuh sppeed o' thuh brains God give us. You thank 'bout it jest a minute. Thuh human brain controls thousands of muscles to ackerately manip'late over 600 bones and interpet an' design thuh signals frum millions o' nerves. Thet theyre's thuh raeson thuh bigger animals gits bigger brains. They gots more muscles, bones , an' nerves ta' wark with. Sayence as long's 'ere's bin doctors, an' 'spacially sayence 'ayve been traidin' organs, 'ayve bin trine ta' figger ayout hayow ta' traide brains frum one body ta' thuther. But it ain't laike pullin' a port outern one car ta' putt in tother. A brain growed all them nerves an' sech a-warkin' out thuh patterns o' operation as it wint along. Even if'n thiyem doctors gits it figgered out hayow ta' attach all 'em nerves agin, wye thuh brains gotta have thuh riaght nerve a-goin' ta' thuh raight connector. Otherwise it'll git a signal comin' frum thuh eye a-sayin' hows thuh body needs to puke on account o' hayow its bein' poisoned. Er the stomack'll say how its corn hurts, er thuh hayer folicle'll bae sayin' how thuh body needs ta' pee.
Nayow God his somp'n spacial. He's able ta' come ta' you an' give you a complete vision, er a theory of relativity taype o'complexity whole thought er even just a audible message only ain't nobody else can hear it, see it, or know it buchu. Thet means He can tailor a pattern custom fer each 'n ever brain. An' wye not, He's one what built you an' He's raight nayow holdin' ever molecule an' atom in you together. Thuh more Ah thank own it, thuh more awestruck as I ayam. Ah reckons e-if 'em doctors ever do gits it all figgered ayout, wye we bae jest as awestruck frum thet base o' knowledge on God, 'bout whut 'E does er must do.

'Tain't no wonder relly, if'n ya thank about it, thet if'n He's a-holdin' all 'em molecues an' atoms t'gether thet He can move 'em 'round so's a cayncer goes 'way, 'er thet a withered hand gits strong, 'er thet bladin' stops an' thuh doctors cain't 'splain none of it. Thet theyre's whut makes it a mir'cle.

Nex' taime Ah'm a-gona rant jest a little be-it own sum politic'n over ayre raights.

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