Sunday, March 04, 2012

Wild Americans

Something we're losing in our culture is the nature of a wild mind.  Oh we still have examples of it, but the educational system is literally trying to destroy the wilderness of the free spirit.  Lest I be tarred and feathered for suggesting the youth not be disciplined (in direct opposition to my own advocacy mind you) let me be clear with my meaning at the outset.

An animal in the wilderness is most disciplined of spirits.  If he isn't, he soon starves or is killed by predators or competition.  So in self interest, he seeks his own self preservation and he works most diligently to keep his belly satiated and he searches for a mate to the point of canceling out the other desires in his life.  So wild does not necessarily mean undisciplined.

In a civilized America, our aim is not to tame the wild mind, but to temper and better equip it to better serve his own purposes, teach him to invest in the community for his own benefit and that of his offspring.  He isn't to be cowed into a submission nor is he to be protected from his own failures.  Failure is the key ingredient of experience.  Wye, I remember as a kid, hearing from my Granny about the antics of her kids and their neighbors' kids and Hollywood ain't got nothing new to tell me, if it ain't about Hedonistic sexual appetites I didn't want to know anything about in the first place.  And I sure didn't want their messages a getting into my kids' wild minds.  You know?

That ain't photoshop!
My daddy learned how to spin a yarn, let me tell you.  He told stories I remember not being able to discern if their fantastic nature indicated the inordinate facts of uncommon knowledge or if he was tickling his own fancy by pulling all the legs in the room.  But when Granny told a story, it wuz the Gospel truth.  Granny told me about the days when her kids would fight one another and how Aunt Lena once threw a butcher knife at my dad and barely missed as he jumped through an open window to escape and the knife sticking an inch deep in the window frame.  Aunt Lena still has some temper, just soze you know.  You know?

Uncle Jess verified one story my dad told me about the two of 'em coming to blows while they were walking home from school when they was 13 and 16.  Back then they would take their shoes off to walk cause they didn't want to wear em out.  You had 'em so you could wear 'em in school and church, but you took 'em off to go anywhere.  They was heavy and ill fitting anyway cuz they got handed down 6 times.  So Dad had the laces tied together and the pair of shoes slung over his shoulder on the way home when they come to arguing and then the awful moment when you realize, "I lose every fight I git into with him and now he done challenge shoved me again and here comes that wide right swing."  This time, Dad didn't come back at him bare handed, he danced back an' pulled that ol' pair of tied together shoes off o' his shoulder and used 'em like nunchucks and beat the living whey out of his older brother.  That there was the last fist fight they ever fought again one another.  Uncle Jess pushes just as far as you'll let him and I mean he does it to this day.
Little man bullies the big one and get's his due

Many is the story I heard of a man throwing his own kid in a creek or a lake and telling him to sink er swim.  I always doubted the veracity of that tale until I talked to a kid on the school bus who said that's how his daddy taught him to swim.  I met another kid was older 'n me by several years and done me the favor of getting me out of a tight spot one time.  His daddy paid him with a beating for it.  My daddy made it good with him though.  He thanked him and 'knew' and asked if he'd been beat.  The kid admitted it and Dad made him a promise I don't remember the contents of, I was busy feeling guilty for bringing on his grief just by being helpless.

I'm not advocating the emulation of wild animals to the degree that we cut the kids loose and let 'em run without instruction or rules.  Don't even try turning the discussion from the common sense you know I'm referring to or I'll make you look as silly as you deserve.  My point in these here stories is; people are meant to be wild, not tamed down and domesticated like fattened farm animals mentally incapable of defending themselves and functionally incapable of providing for themselves.  People are meant to be self determinant.  Self reliant.  Self preserving.  And in all 'at, they will learn to identify with a fellow's struggles to make it,  and in identifying with their fellow's struggles, they'll reach out a helping hand when it's needed and not before and not any more than he needed.

Now; a kid is brought up to believe he can't mess up bad enough to stop being fed and coddled by someone else.  The poor darlings hit the street at 18 completely unprepared, literally entry shocked by the world that expects them to carry their own weight and sacrifice some for others.  The idea of sacrifice is so foreign to some of 'em, they feel more comfortable at a homeless shelter than in the labor force.  Yes, I know that a bunch of 'em turned out alright, but they did it in spite of your ignorant protectionist love rather than because of it.  And most spend an extra decade getting the confusion straightened out of their behaviors regardless of their stated beliefs.

Now I used to lay a lot of the blame at the feet of modern women who mother hen them kids till they leave the nest, but the plain truth is, I was wrong.  It's everyone.  The experts told you we couldn't hurt their little hearts with a red pen to correct their school work and everyone in the game has to be rewarded with a joke trophy for showing up.  Hell, even the Nobel committee gave Obama a trophy and cash prize for just showing up.  Spanking is abuse and humiliation is abuse and yelling at 'em is abuse.  Don't nobody know what they do to their kids' wildness or self interest and self discipline and then they wonder why the next generation act like JackAsses for sport and cannot value a job and scoutin' for a mate is play (so many now choose not participate in) rather than the serious business of life.

Soon enough, this whole mess is going to get straightened out between them that don't and them that will.  Them that don't are marching in the streets beating the drums of Che's revolution and them that will are busy investing in their dreams.  We seen it many times in history and seems history will keep right on recording the curse of ignorance which is to repeat history.  What we see in this one is different because nobody remembers how unique is the American provision for the wild mind.  Everyone, right left and center thinks government has so much responsibility to guarantee their survival, safety, success, and serenity.

Every other culture sought to beat the wild mind into submission to the ruling class.  Our culture was built on the ideas of helping the wild mind thrive soze every man rules his own life.  They meant to set up the very minimum requirement of structured society to provide a peaceful coexistence.  That vision is dead and gone.  Marx' ideal wins by Lenin's dissident investment to undermine the wildness of America's mind.  They targeted 3 of the most important values and named them publicly.  Knowing their plans, we sat down and let 'em feed us full of crap ideas like "individual safety is the responsibility of government and businesses.  Everybody is guaranteed a long and happy life."  What does all that security cost?  Not much really.  Just your patriotism, your religion, and your morality.  What are the three ingredients missing from a good education in America?  Not much really.  Just patriotism, religion and morality.  What's missing from all your major information sources?  That's right, all advocacy for patriotism, religion, and morality.  Funny ain't it?  'Specially since there just ain't no other home for the wild American herd.

Well, it's time I went off and bought some more ammunition and gold.  I hope someone stuffs a sock in Roseanne.  (don't matter which end of her gets the sock so long as it keeps her off camera)  Hope the half o' ya'll have a good day with yer gov'ment check and guaranteed ease.  I hope the other half is loving God and their fellow man.  Should last at least another few months.  Don't you think?

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